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Initiated 2009


William J Taylor

Captain (Ret) Texas DPS CLE

This annual award was created in honor of Texas Department of Public Safety Captain William J. Taylor, (Ret).

At their 1998 seminar and convention, Texas Association of Law Enforcement Polygraph Investigators (TALEPI) awarded one its founders, Dr. Antonio V. Suarez-Barrio (Tony Barrio) the association's Lifetime Achievement Award. At that time Capt.(ret) William (Bill) J. Taylor, the other founder of TALEPI was terminally ill and unable to attend. TALEPI's leadership, headed by President Lt. Walt Goodson decided that year that henceforth The Lifetime Achievement Award would be named in honor of the other TALEPI founder, Capt. Bill Taylor.

Bill started his law enforcement career as a Department of Public Safety (DPS) trooper stationed in Corrigan, a small town in East Texas where in 1968 he applied for a position that became vacant in the polygraph section at DPS Headquarters in Austin, Texas. After passing the exams and oral board required, he was selected for the position from among all the candidates by the then Polygraph Section supervisor Mr. Henry L. Canty. Bill was then sent to Texas A&M polygraph school and after graduation served his required internship under Canty. Bill became a polygraph examiner in 1969 after passing the licensing exam of the state Polygraph Examiners Board. Bill progressed in his position at DPS distinguishing himself and eventually being promoted to Sergeant, Lieutenant, and after Canty's retirement Bill rose to the rank of Captain and supervisor of the entire DPS polygraph division, consisting of eleven polygraph examiners. During his career Bill served as member and Chairman of the state of Texas Polygraph Exminers Board, where he instituted many rules and regulations governing the uses of Polygraph by all Texas' examiners.

In 1976 Bill became a co-founder of American Association of Police Polygraphists and served two terms as its first president. Later, in 1992 he co-founded TALEPI and retired from DPS after 37 years of service. Bill possessed those qualities of integrity, morality, ability and leadership that made him a model for all polygraph examiners to emulate. His contributions to the field of polygraph are legion and he will be remembered in perpetuity by the award named after him by TALEPI.

The Bill Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award will recognize those polygraph examiners that have had a long and eminent career in the profession and had singularly distinguished themselves by their contributions to the field, achievements and actions, just as Bill Taylor had done. The first recipient of the Bill Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award, given at the TALEPI convention in 1999, was Mr. John Caruthers, who had a lifelong and exemplary career as a polygraph examiner with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Institutional Division. At the time of that award Bill Taylor was already in hospice care and unable to present the award himself, but he had been made aware of the honor bestowed upon him for posterity and he was extremely humbled and proud of the honor. Bill asked Tony Barrio to present the award to Mr. Carruthers in his stead and to thank the TALEPI leadership and association for the honor they had bestowed upon him.

William (Bill) Taylor died on August 17, 2009 but his memory and legacy will live forever.

Bill Taylor Lifetime Achievement Award Annual Recipients

Recipients of this award are recognized for their lifelong dedication and extraordinary advancement to the polygraph profession from a criminal justice perspective. You may nominate candidates by filling out our Award Nomination Form.


Michael Gougler
Texas Department of Public Safety (Retired)


Matt Hicks
Texas Department of Public Safety


Frank DiTucci


Jack B. St.John


Kelly B. Hendricks


John Carruthers
Texas Department of Criminal Justice

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